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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

How often are you bombarded with images like this on social media?

All the time.

This model is demonstrating Dancer's Pose.

Dancer's Pose is a fantastic standing balance that promotes concentration, grounding of a troubled mind and opens up the front body, hip flexors and shoulders.

How often are you bombarded with images like this...

I think I know the answer.

This model is also demonstrating Dancer's Pose.

Not particularly attention grabbing is it.

I will refrain from the millions of thoughts I have about the sadness I feel when I see the same old glamorous Yoga shoot images, and try to sum up the main issue here.

Quite simply, Yoga has somehow been grabbed by the media, shrunk right down and mercilessly squeezed into a pretty box that has no reflection whatsoever on the truth.

And what is the truth? There a many different ways to ease into a Yoga pose, and even more ways that a student can work on feeling that pose in her or his unique, beautiful body. This can change on a daily basis too, as our energy levels, mental state and balance is forever in flux.

I've said it before and I will never stop saying it...

In Yoga we don't create shapes, we create an experience.

So I won't be seen on Instagram, not because I can't make these shapes, but because I refuse to be a part of the lie that Yoga should be promoted by aesthetically pleasing poses and bodies.

If this seems a little controversial, that's ok with me. Please do comment with your own views and experiences of the social media version of Yoga.

No headstands - still Yoga!

With love,

Clare x

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