Weird things my brain does in Meditation

Updated: Jul 8

Exactly as the title suggests, I am sharing with you a list of weird and irritating things that pop into my mind when I practice meditation.

As I always tell my Yoga students, the first lesson to learn when starting out with Meditation is too simply observe your thoughts. Fostering a sense of witnessing from a distance, in the same way we might sit back and watch the world go by. When you practice this enough, and by this I mean noticing the thoughts every time they pop up even if it seems to be every 5 seconds at first, you can move on to removing any emotional connection or reaction to these thoughts so that they become less troublesome and distressing. You will see them for what they are and just let them drift away again.

It's not easy. We are not used to it.

Of course it isn't just fully formed thoughts that swirl around in our consciousness, there could be images, memories, random words or sentences, song lyrics...I will illustrate this better with a snapshot of my own Meditation practice on a particularly ungrounded day

  • "I'm going to smash this Meditation session"

  • "Is this top on back to front?" (check my top)

  • "Oops I just acted on a thought instead of noticing it"

  • "Arggh I'm rubbish at this"

  • "Oh FFS now I'm judging myself instead of just witnessing my mind"

  • Image of my dog in the shower yesterday pops into my mind which I successfully notice and let go

  • "Ok I've got this now"

  • "My back aches, I do not need to react" (finding my groove now)

  • Song lyric "Don't break my heart, my achy breaky heart"

  • "That's ok, let it go"

  • "Am I breathing steadily? Arrgh I've been holding my breath for like half a minute, what a prat"

  • "How on earth do I teach this when I can't do it??"

  • Memory pops up of a Meditation lecture I attended in form of a short film roll

  • I notice that my deeper breath is helping me to mentally step back and feel quieter

  • I feel the sensation of a breeze on my face, and then wait for the next sensation

  • The world around me starts becoming still

  • My mind feels more spacious and light

  • "This is better"

  • Feeling of peace overwhelms me

  • "I need a wee."

  • "I really really need a wee"

  • "I wonder if Ghandi could meditate a pee urge away?"

  • Film roll memory of family member saying "I need a drink, my mouth is as dry as Ghandi's flip flop"

  • "Haha she cracks me up that one"

  • "Ok back to peace now, breathe"

  • Jump out of my skin as school run alarm starts buzzing. Big sigh.

The takeaway? My mind is less scary than I thought.

With love,

Clare x

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