Self Improvement Fatigue

Good lord, it can be completely exhausting "staying well".

Can it become just another unhealthy obsession? Possibly. There are days when we just want to give up and sink to the bottom of that deep hole of helplessness, right?

There is surely a happy medium between being fiercely protective of our wellbeing and letting go of the reins a little. I even find that letting go of the reins is a rigorously planned a deliberate action. For me this possibly stems from a naturally "striving" and perfectionist streak. I have had many health professionals admire my insight, my desire to self improve, my apparent emotional intelligence. This makes me smug but also envokes a silent scream

Of course, alot of my actual knowledge of all things psychological was learned academically through my nursing degree, and I've picked up numerous tricks and tools for myself personally over the years. Perhaps also being a people pleaser is a factor when I interact with my mental health team.

The formula for good mental and emotional health is pretty simple and becoming more well known in our slightly backward society.

Sleep well, eat well, talk about our feelings, ask for help, exercise, relax, be mindful, enjoy hobbies, Yoga (now that I won't argue with!)

I'm not being funny here but that sounds like a full time fucking job, and that is exactly how it feels for me.

I refuse to accept that it is always a part of my Bipolar tendencies to ping pong between superb coping skills and a pit of despair. I truly believe that it is Self Improvement Fatigue. For the record I don't know if that's an actual term so apologies if I'm nicking someone else's concept.

I don't really have much more to say about this, possibly because I'm currently knackered from a few weeks of getting back on my feet after a good number of life stressors, but I would dearly love to hear that I am not alone in this.

With love,


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