Your Yoga teacher loves your body!

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Yoga teachers are guides, not rule makers or boundary setters.

I only found this out when I began my own training, after many years of attending classes in awe of my teachers, who I believed looked incredible and could perform 1000's of poses better than I could ever hope for.

There are some of myths to be dispelled in that paragraph, so let's try...

Myth - I expect you to make the same shapes with your body that I do.

Fact - I know how to ease you in to a pose safely and without injury.

Myth - I am primarily interested in how deeply you can go in that pose.

Fact - I know how that pose can benefit and affect your body, mind and emotions.

Myth - I can perform every Yoga pose under the sun with ease.

Fact - I learn every single day and know how to modify poses to suit my body.

Myth - I cannot teach you poses that I cannot perform easily myself.

Fact - I can! A skilled teacher doesn't have to rely on physical demonstrations.

Most importantly folks, please never make quick judgements about your Yoga teacher or fellow Yogis based on their outward appearance or physical capabilities. We are all one, discovering life and love together, in bodies that I very much hope will never look the same.

With Love,

Clare x

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