Boobs and Bellies

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

I got my boobs pretty early in life and my belly has been 38 years in the making (and counting).

So I know only too well that some of the classic Yoga poses need some re-thinking if you don't want to suffocate yourself or completely miss the point of the pose.

There are multiple examples, but today let's look at Child's Pose.

Find your perfect Child's Pose and you have found a blissful way to restore and recharge.

You're looking to lengthen and release the spine, sink into the hips and ground beneath you, rest your weary head and find a sweet stillness. This pose is great for anxiety and a perfect way to begin and end a practice.

This is what my Child's Pose looks like when I follow the traditional rules...

It looks pretty chilled but my bum is so high i'm working towards a headstand (and you know I do not love headstands).

The reason for this is that my legs are together and my boobs and belly have nowhere to rest down...

Let's try it again with my legs nice and wide....

So now my boobs and belly are fitting in nice and snug between my knees. My bum is able to relax down towards my heels and I can start to sink into my hips. My spine is long and my forehead rests comfortably. I also like to brings my arms in front here, to give my chest even more space to breath deeply.

Even if you are less padded in your front body, the wider legs and stretched arms may feel really good for you too.

Play with it and show some love for your beautiful body just as it is.

If you want to see more boobs and bellies (get your mind out the gutter) then drop me a comment and we can look at more of these Yoga hacks.

No headstands - still Yoga!

With love

Clare x

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