A poem from your Yoga teacher

Welcome to your Yoga class, I'm so thankful that you came,

leave your ego at the door, your self doubt and your shame,

I know that your day has been filled with stress and worry,

but take your time to settle in, I will never make you hurry.

Your life feels like a battle and a struggle, I am sure,

and you don't know if your Yoga outfit fits you anymore,

it may have been a while since you stepped on to your mat,

there's a chance that when you practice Tree you'll simply fall down flat.

Your mind is full of monkeys, you're going through some shit,

there are other things you should be doing...

but stop,

slow down,

just sit.

I am your Yoga teacher, not your critic or your boss,

I recognise your fears, and I know about your loss,

I heard you when you thought that perhaps you shouldn't come,

that the people stood behind you might be laughing at your bum.

You're so tired that you're tearful, and your body's fit to break,

but look at you, you made it here, it wasn't a mistake.

Maybe this will be the day that you allow yourself to breathe,

Maybe this will be the day that you let your mind be free.

I don't look at you and sigh because you can't yet reach your toes,

To be honest I don't care if you can't even touch your nose,

I want to see you listen to your body and your breath,

I'll give you some ideas, but you know yourself the best.

I am your Yoga teacher, not your critic or your boss,

I have many fears, and I know a thing or two about loss.

I sometimes think that nobody will care if I don't come,

and there's a good chance that somebody is laughing at my bum.

I'm here because I want to show you all the different ways,

that you can find your peace, and appreciate each day,

it's a journey, not a goal, the end is not in sight,

but it's time to drop your weapons, you no longer need to fight.

With love,

Clare x

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