A High Day

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Living with Bipolar, for me, means riding the waves of significant mood swings.

Put simply, when life throws crap in my path, I can become depressed or manic. Feel free to look up a more informative and medical definition!

Today is a high day, although it's pretty manageable right now.

It means that I didnt sleep well, waking up at 2am bright as a button.

It means that I've literally just realised I haven't eaten today because when I'm Superwoman I dont need food, right? (No Clare, you are not Superwoman and you do need food).

It means that I can't remember ever having felt depressed or anxious, infact I am cool, calm, and totally in control of my life. Awesome!

Ok. It looks like fun, and in honesty it feels pretty good. But it is only a matter of time before the refreshing high becomes an out of control manic state that could mean hallucinations, severe confusion and paranoia. With 4 children and a loving partner, I cant afford to risk illness that may result in being sedated and/or hospitalized.

So this is the plan for the day folks...

  1. Eat a meal of some description.

  2. Move more slowly.

  3. Think before I speak, slow down.

  4. Take deeper, longer breaths.

  5. Lather myself in Lavender Oil.

  6. Have a chilled Yoga practice.

  7. Take my medication.

  8. Into bed by 9, even if just to read.

  9. Listen to a Yoga Nidra *

  10. Actually do all of the above.

I'll keep you posted and when I'm slowed down a little I will share with you my favourite chilled Yoga poses and practices.

Have a grounded day,

With Love,

Clare x

*Yoga Nidra - a guided meditation for sleep (coming soon to this page!)


I am not a medical professional and the posts that I share are strictly based on my own experience (unless otherwise stated) and is not to be taken as medical advice.

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