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Nurture your valuable team

Your workforce are your life blood, whether your company is big or small, office based, or a health and social care service, more and more employers are recognising the benefits of regular Yoga sessions for physical health, stress management and team bonding

Sitting at a desk all day can cause havoc for back pain and general physical health, leading to more regular and frequent sick leave. A regular Yoga session is proven to be an ideal solution to get moving, release muscle tension and boost morale

If your service is based around health and social care, stress levels are frequently raised and often a cause of staff absence and poor mental and emotional health. Yoga steps up here, providing a refreshing way to boost the mood, motivation and self care values of your hard working team

Why choose The Mad Yogi to care for your team?

My client feedback is consistently positive and highlights my knowledge and skills in building friendly, therapeutic and encouraging relationships with your whole team

Bespoke packages and flat rates are available to suit your company's needs

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